5 things you need to ask yourself before you hire an attorney

1. Does this attorney have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle my specific type of case?

There are many different types of attorneys and levels of experience. Make sure you are comfortable and confident that he is the right type and has the experience to win your case and get you the most money possible.

2. How many cases does he currently handle and will he have time to handle mine?

In many large law firms attorneys handle upwards of 400 cases at a time. Do you want to get lost in a stack of paperwork or be someone he has the time to really get to know? Ask specifically how many cases he is currently handling.

3. When I call or have questions will I be able to reach him directly or get a prompt call back?

Having access to your attorney is key to the success of your case and the overall experience you will have. Find out if you are going to be dealing with receptionists, secretaries or paralegals instead of your actual attorney. Better yet find an attorney who deals directly with his clients……always!

4. Does he speak in terms I can understand and does he spend the time to listen to my questions and concerns?

Attorneys can be notorious for using legal terms and language that can be confusing for those who haven’t spent years in law school. They also have a tendency to rush through appointments in order to see more clients. Do you feel confident that you will get the clear language and the attorneys’ time that you deserve? If there is any hesitation, find an attorney who you feel comfortable with.

5. Are his fees reasonable?

Many people don’t realize that these fees vary from attorney to attorney. Make sure you know upfront what those fees are and also what expenses are going to impact your case. Even though attorneys can’t guess the outcome, based on their experience they should be able to give you a breakdown of how a typical case like yours could end up and how that will look like financially for you.

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