Are dashcams worth the investment?

There are a lot of dashcam videos floating around the internet these days and it seems that most of them are originating from Europe and Asia but the U.S. is slowly catching on.

With all of the increased awareness about this technology the question for a lot of people is whether or not the investment to purchase a dashcam would be a good one.

For anyone that has been involved in an accident without any witnesses will attest, when it comes down to “he said, she said” this is not necessarily what insurance companies and judges want to hear.  This is where a dashcam may prove to be extremely valuable.  Currently it is legal in the U.S. to have one in your car and although the insurance companies are not offering discounts as of yet for doing so, in many countries around the world that is exactly what is happening.  As insurance companies realize that the data captured by these devices can make all the difference in shedding light on the actual events surrounding an accident or vandalism.

In my opinion, based on over 32 years in personal injury law and seeing how the lack of witnesses has affected my clients results I would recommend dashcams for individuals and commercial vehicle owners to protect yourself.   Many cameras offer a G sensor that registers how hard the impact was which in many cases can help the insurance adjusters have a better idea of why your injuries are extensive and need appropriate care.