Common Misconceptions

All lawyers are the same. After one visit with Matt you will see why that is not the case. Although many attorneys don’t take the time to really get to know their clients, Matt genuinely cares about everyone he meets.

I can handle this myself. Technically you probably can do it yourself but the outcome will never be as good as if you hire a professional. Most people would never attempt surgery on themselves yet think they can navigate the legal system and insurance company negotiations. The statistics show that on average you will get 3 ½ times more money by hiring an attorney, as well as, taking away all of the stress associated with you handling your case.

I don’t want to sue anyone. In an accident or injury case you are not suing anyone you are simply making sure that the insurance companies are paying you your fair share. And just for the record, well over 90% of cases never even end up in any sort of legal proceeding. So if you are worried about appearing in court or being grilled on the witness stand – RELAX – that is extremely rare.

My insurance company is looking out for me. News flash – all insurance companies are in the business of making money and yours is no exception. Bottom line, the insurance company is looking to protect their profits. When you get an attorney you have someone that is truly looking out for you.  Period!

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