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Dog Bite Injuries in Utah

If you or a loved one has been bitten or otherwise injured by a dog there are some important things that need to be determined right away so you can be treated and receive fair financial compensation for your injuries.
First, get treatment immediately not only to document the injury but to prevent what can rapidly become serious medical issues. Never assume a dog is up to date on its shots. Any bite breaking the skin can result in rabies or a serious bacterial or staph infection. At a minimum go to a clinic and for more serious bites go to the emergency room of a hospital.
Second, it is crucial to establish dog ownership so call animal control or if the threat is ongoing or immediate 911. Under Utah law as a non-trespasser owners are strictly liable when their dogs bite and homeowners insurance will cover theses injuries and medical expenses related to treatment. Remember there are resources to help and always exercise care in approaching an unfamiliar animal.
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