Driving Habits that will assure a great new year!

No doubt 2020 has been a year to remember!  Many people are glad to see it go and that sentiment is very justifiable.  Even though safe driving might not be on your goal list this year if you have ever been in an auto accident you know how devastating and life altering that can be so lets implement some new driving habits to assure a safe year for you and your loved ones and all of those around you:

1.  Put the phone down – this is the number one cause of accidents and is completely with in your control

2.  Leave a safe distance between yourself and others  – creating a “bubble” of safety around your vehicle is easy to do and makes all the difference when avoiding accidents especially in bad weather

3.  Don’t let others bad driving affect you – keeping a cool head and control of your emotions assures you making it to your destination safely – the jerk that just cut you off will probably get his just rewards anyway!

Here’s to a fabulous new year and making Utah’s highways safer by doing your part!