Flashing Yellow

Since the decision was made to add the flashing yellow light I have noticed a substantial increase in the number of accident cases I have handled involving confusion surrounding flashing yellow lights and the duty drivers have when they have the “flashing yellow”. There is no difference between a flashing yellow light and the traditional green ball when making a left turn at the intersection. The duty remains one of yielding to all through traffic before initiating the turn and liability will rest with the turning vehicle should an accident result. I have seen tragic results including loss of life where someone believed they had a green turn arrow that had turned yellow rather than a flashing yellow. This is even more problematic when the turning car has another car or truck obstructing their view.
Studies in states like Texas have shown an 8% increase in intersection collisions since the addition of the flashing yellow light. If you have been involved in an accident where an insurance company is arguing fault involving a flashing yellow light don’t delay in calling my office to get the help you need.