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We realize that there are personal injury and accident attorneys everywhere. Each one seems to promise you more than the last. So who can you trust and who can you turn to? By choosing Matt you will be treated with honesty, respect, courtesy, integrity, and efficiency. You deserve a lawyer with the knowledge and experience to give you the best representation available.

You can expect the following when working with Matt:

Honesty and integrity shouldn’t be something you give lip service to especially when it comes to legal services. Finding an attorney that can relate to you and spend the personal time to truly understand all of the details surrounding your case can be challenging especially when you are dealing with high volume large law firms that see your case as a number rather than how it affects YOUR life – possibly forever. Dealing with someone that puts your needs first and has the honesty and integrity to take care of those needs is paramount to a successful outcome……..how refreshing!

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No one wants to suffer the pain and inconvenience of injuries due to someone else’s negligence, but when it happens the last thing you need is an attorney that won’t return your calls and respect your concerns. Remember this is your case, your life! You have the right to and should demand a good attorney – after all he is working for you! Dealing with a good attorney is……..painless!

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Free advice isn’t always the best route to take in life except when it comes from a REAL ATTORNEY! Good luck getting your attorney on the phone in most law firms. They can handle upwards of 300- 400 cases at any given time and where does that leave you? Just another number! Why not start your case with a quality attorney that has time to sit down and talk to you one on one from the very first appointment. It’s your choice!

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Most people are not aware that lawyers fees are not all the same .Many attorneys charge in excess of 40% of what you recover and even though you are not paying any upfront fees for a personal injury case it can be hard to sign over that much of your settlement when the time comes to cash the check and pay the medical bills. After all YOU are the one with the injuries, bills and pain. Always deal with an attorney that has the track record and experience to get you the most money possible AND help you keep the majority of it!.  

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Intimidating legal terms and attitudes should not have a place in a law firm but most people have less than a great experience in dealing with most lawyers. Many studies show that people rank lawyers right down there with used car salesmen when it comes to trust and popularity……OUCH! If you don’t get the straight talk you need to hear on the first visit or consultation at another law firm……..RUN……. then call Matt Storey and get the straight talk and great results you deserve!

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